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Hello there! I am a passionate Brand Strategist and Designer based in New York City, dedicated to research-backed, mission-driven media. My expertise lies in crafting strategic frameworks, developing insightful narratives, and designing creative assets that enhance brand identity, amplify brand architecture, and foster deeper connections with audiences.



High-performing campaigns, products and services are fueled by comprehensive analysis of the market and the target consumer. I turn robust data into easy-to-follow visualizations including persona decks, consumer journey maps and infographics. 

Graphic Design

I build unique designs that make your brand stand out. 

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Brand Strategy & Consulting

With saturated markets and a dynamic media landscape, it's easy to try and chase the new and next. But how valuable is that without a tailored strategy that is built to get results?

From identifying metrics for success to carving out relevant market trends to lean into (or stay away from), strategic planning and brand consulting are vital aspects of my expertise.

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